Human Resources For Healthcare Administrators

***DO NOT Copy from the internet****

This discussion forum is designed to explore your thoughts on how human resources in healthcare differs from human resources in non-healthcare settings. Depending on your knowledge of the topic, you may need to review peer reviewed journals or blogs related to healthcare human resources in order to respond adequately.

Respond thoughtfully to both of the following two questions.  This discussion board is worth 10 points:

1.     As a consumer of healthcare services, what functions do you not only hope but expect to be covered by human resources personnel during the recruitment and hiring of the clinical professionals that will be providing your care?  Provide a minimum of 2 examples and explain each of them.

2.     How is human resources in healthcare setting unique from other non-healthcare settings when it comes to hiring practices, training upon hire and ongoing training requirements? Provide a minimum of two examples and explain each of them.

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