we should prepare the PowerPoint for this course, and I should do my topics and send for other teammates,

our company is google 

and my topic is : Technology-based (organizational change)

Final Project Presentation (20%)

Team assignment Please read the guidelines thoroughly else it will cost you grades. Summary of Individual Findings

Working in a self-selected team of 2-3 students, team will develop a comprehensive Organizational Behaviour analysis for an organization of their choice. With the help of the concepts learned in this course, the students will critically analyze an OB System/ sub-systems utilizing secondary data research (peer-reviewed journals, published case-studies, company websites, google scholar – research articles, videos, newspaper/ magazine articles) to identify problems and recommend constructive improvements.

Remember to not only describe what the organization is doing in each of these areas, but also to analyse how well they are doing in each area, which includes looking at how the competition might be doing. Good analysis considers both the good and the bad when looking at an organization.

List of recent research topics in Organizational Behaviour: (Team can choose 2-3 topics of their preferred area with 1 topic/ team member)

• Workplace Emotions, Attitudes, and Motivation • Applied Performance Practices, Work-Related Stress and Stress

Management • Team Dynamics and Team Development • Job satisfaction • Organizational Commitment • Conflict and Negotiation • Power and Influence in the Workplace • Leadership in Organizational Settings • Organizational Change • Emotions in organizations • Employee internalization of workplace values • Employee involvement and worker co-operatives • Ethnicity and diversity at the workplace • Identity and self • Implementing downsizing • Institutional change and information systems implementation • Inter-organizational issues in outsourcing relationships • Leadership and identity • Technology-based organizational change

• Performance improvements through people • Role of trust and commitment in organizations • Team dynamics and culture • Women in management • Individual, interpersonal and team effectiveness • Gender issues at the workplace • Work-family conflict • Role of emotions • Management of creativity and innovation • Human Resources Development • Quality of work-life • Organizational culture • Cross-cultural issues in management • Organizational dynamics and design • Organizational learning and management of change • Managing organizational transformations and downsizing • Business ethics and institution-building

Prepare the equivalent of a 15-minute oral presentation. This means completing about 8-10 Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides illustrating your Research Project. Don’t clutter up the slides with too much data. Instead, use the notes section below the slides to simulate the “oral” component of the project. Your presentation should include the following items:

• Purpose of the research

• Review of literature (theoretical and conceptual

framework) and industry comparisons (comparing the

chosen company’s sub-system with a benchmarked


• Personal critical analysis

• Key findings and final recommendations – strengths,

developmental opportunities, recommendations

• Conclusion – summary, key findings, implications

• References

APA writing conventions should be followed in the presentation with a minimum of three (3) sources referenced and cited including in-text citations (if you are presenting another author’s ideas in your own language you still have to provide the in-text citation of that author), references in APA format, the presentation must demonstrate analysis of the material and its application to the workplace. Title of the company cannot be your presentation title due to copyright reasons.

The submission and presentation date are mentioned in the course schedule in course outline. All submissions will be made on Moodle. Please note that assignment submissions are ONLY accepted on Moodle and NOT on email. All team members are required to make the submissions of the same project (and parts as mentioned below) on their respective portals. Kindly rename your assignment file by your respective name before you upload. For example, if John Smith is submitting his assignment his assignment file name should be “Johnsmith”.

The term-project presentation will be graded from 20% as mentioned below. Each group member will be individually graded on this project.

Team Presentation – 15% (per rubric attached at Appendix- A) – Due on Week 11

Team Charter and Team Evaluations – 2% (posted on Moodle) – Week 3 and Week 11 respectively

Draft Report – 3% (theoretical and conceptual framework, details will be discussed in class) –

Week 7

Total = 20%

Appendix – A

Assessment Rubric for Term Project Presentation (Grades = 15%)

Area Comments Weighting


-The presentation was professional and presentation aids were used with comfort.


Review of Literature

-Purpose of the project

-Depth of analysis of recent literature available on the chosen sub-system

-Comparisons with the benchmarked company on the sub-system


Personal Critical Analyses


-Developmental Opportunities

-The main points were developed with appropriate detail. Quality and relevance of material presented.


Key Findings and Recommendations

-Summary and key findings





-The order of points was logical and easy to follow


Time Frame

-The presentation was completed within the time frame


Eye Contact with Audience

-Avoiding reading from the notes and facing the audience while presenting