HRM – Intwerview

Is it legal to ask these questions during the pre-employment stage? Base your answers on the information in your text.  Can you give an example of an inappropriate/illegal question you might have been asked in the course of the interview process?

  1. Kathy was asked what her maiden name on the interview when she went for her new job today. She told them but wondered why they asked that question.
  2. Margaret was asked how much longer she plans to work before retiring. She actually did not know when she would retire but told them 62 so that she would land the job opportunity. This is her first job since her car accident.
  3. During a job interview at a large company, Walter was asked for references from a past manager at a Wall Street Brokerage House and Investment Bank. She called Terry and asked to forward the reference.

Make sure you discuss this topic with others – reply to at least 3 other students for full credit!

**Remember, you are all adults, so please be respectful of others.