How it works

How it Works

Navigating the This site website is as easy as ABC. The process of placing an order with us is equally fast and easy. Our goal is to provide professional academic writing services to students worldwide in the simplest way possible. Doing assignments on your own is already a headache; we don’t want to make the process of seeking our help another headache. The payment method is also fast and secure.  

To get your custom paper, follow the procedure below:

  1. Fill in the Order Form

Filling in the order form will provide us details of your specific requirements regarding your order. You need to fill the right information to enable us to deliver precisely the paper you need. We tailor custom papers for all our clients in line with their expectations. 

At this stage, we will require the following details: 

  • Your academic level 
  • Your discipline
  • The topic, and subtopics if any
  • The type of paper 
  • Paper instructions and expectations
  • Number of references
  • Paper format, e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago or Harvard 
  • Any materials/documents/books to be used

After you have completed filling your paper details, you proceed down to fill the pricing details. Here, you provide: 

  • Number of pages or word count 
  • Number of sources
  • PowerPoint Slides, if any
  • Your currency
  • Expected delivery

Our system calculator will then automatically display the amount you need to pay for the order. The system will generate an invoice as per your details. You make the payment before finishing the ordering process. The prices differ according to the nature of the paper. Additional services that attract an extra cost include requesting a writer’s samples, table of contents, progressive delivery, and getting a copy of sources. Remember, you can revise any of the details provided before moving to the next step of the order. 

After filling the above details, sign up if you are a new customer or sign if you are a returning customer. As a new customer, you will need to fill your email address, full name, password, and phone number and then click ‘Continue.’ If you have used our services before, you only need to provide your email address and password then click ‘Sign in.’ The system will notify you should there be any field that has not been filled. 

Contact our Customer Support Team for step-by-step guidance in case you experience challenges placing the order. They are there to assist you with any issues around the clock. 

If you have more detailed requirements not provided on the order form, let us know, and we will write a unique paper for you.  


  1. Get an Expert 

The moment you fill all the required details and make the payment, we pair you with the best available writer in your field. We outsource the work to the most educated and most experienced writer. 

Alternatively, you can choose the writer that you prefer for the job based on their writing style and prowess and previous clients’ rating. Here, you select the writer category then fill in the preferred writer’s ID. We have Standard, Premium, and Platinum writer categories. We have a huge team that is capable of handling all orders in all disciplines accordingly. Timely delivery is our forte.  

If we need any additional information, our Customer Support will contact you to make sure we deliver a marvelous paper. 

We are proud to have writers in our team who have produced satisfactory projects in the past. They are competent enough to know what is expected of them for each particular order. The writers research for the relevant data then craft informational papers, including all the necessary parts. Be sure of an incredible project that is relevant and content-rich. 


  1. Track Progress

You can track your order’s progress from the beginning to the end and chat with the writer one-on-one. You can send them any information to be added, any additional documents to use, or ask them to remove information that you think is no longer significant. The two of you can also share ideas and discuss the best ways to package information. Feel free to ask for an outline before the writer proceeds further with the assignment. You will be sure that the writer is doing your work as required, so the chances of revisions are significantly reduced. You will clarify any uncertainties that your writer may come across, which may hinder them from proceeding with your assignment. There will be no time wasted trying to reach you for any clarification.   


  1. Quality Review

The main aim of the quality review is to improve the overall quality of the paper. As much as our writers are highly trained, we have to double-check their work before sending it to you. 

The writers go through completed assignments themselves to correct mistakes. After that, they immediately it to editors and proofreaders for further quality checks. Out editorial team enhance the structure, flow, and readability of the paper. They also check for errors in punctuation, spelling, and grammar. 

Our quality assurance experts ensure that all your questions have been well answered. They pass the documents through plagiarism detection software to ensure there is no lifted material. Most academic institutions do not entertain copying. Well done, original assignments will guarantee you better grades. 

  1. Order Delivery

We send the final document to you as soon as we are satisfied that it meets all your requirements. We will also contact you via email or phone call to inform you of the assignment’s completion. 

You will receive your paper within the timeframe you gave us. There is no time wasted in the process right from ordering to delivery. That way, you will have enough time to go through the document before the submission date. If you are satisfied with the work, kindly leave some feedback on your overall experience and rate the writer. 

  1. Revision

This site specialists always strive to produce the best content for you. There could be instances where you would feel your paper needs some amendments. We offer free limitless revisions until you are satisfied with the work. Tell us your dissatisfaction, and our experts will begin making the required changes to your assignment immediately. We will revise the essay and send you the revised version within the shortest time possible. Even in case of revisions, we still aim to deliver your final paper before the stipulated deadline. We work extra hard to offer top quality professional services that will make you successful. And if you are not satisfied after several revisions, you get your money back.   

This site is the solution for all your academic writing needs. We will meet all kinds of your educational needs on time regardless of complexity. Give us your assignment today; you won’t regret it.