please create & submit a 1-page chart using very short bullets or metrics in 3 columns to compare & contrast your recommendations for the following 3 cases:

  • Your team’s Recommendations for Tom Chong in the Jextra case
  • Your team’s Recommendations for Chiquita CEO Aguirre in Blood Bananas case
  • Your team’s Recommendations for Bob Dudley in the TNK-BP case

You may define your comparison framework, dimensions or metrics any way that your team prefers.

Alternatively, you could use something like the following definitions for each row with 1-2 bullets in each column:

  • Situation/problem: 1-2 bullets
  • Methodology/Analysis: 1-2 bullets
    • which frameworks did you use?
    • how did you analyze the case?
  • Key findings: 1-2 bullets
  • Conclusions: 1-2 bullets
  • Recommendations: 1-2 bullets

Running Head: BLOOD BANANA


Blood banana




Date due

The research has portrayed that banana is not only a serious business globally but also used as food for country. Despite all the benefits the banana plan provides, it has got also negative effects which include social, environmental, political and economic problems. Those countries engaging in banana business have collaborated with terrorism through paying bribes to explore the banana business. From the history, banana trade was as a symbol of injustice and imperialism in the whole world. The business of banana plant has grown big until it has transformed into supermarket shelf. Supermarkets have linked with the banana businesses creating a continuous flow of quality business with the vendors. On value adding transactions were eliminated by both the supermarkets and the vendors through good relationships.in order to maintain the food sector, the management of Dole shifted from the supply to the marketing to create awareness to all the consumers. Colombia has been an example of banana and terrorists whereby drug trade and powerful cartels lead to war and conflicts. This lead to the government being protected from distributing banana lands to individuals due to this conflict (Fegan et al. 2011). The corrupt government therefore turned the banana company into “banana public”

Conclusively, banana has got also healthy effects as its daily consumption improves blood glucose. The fruit companies have provided various benefits to the people suffering from hypercholesterolemia and serum adiponectin (Aiyeloja, & Bello, 2006).We should therefore ensure that we are responsible for the businesses worldwide concerning banana plant and also banana consumption. All companies should avoid increasing the level of terrorists in the name of banana businesses.


Taghavi, M., Hayward, C., Sly, L. I., & Fegan, M. (2011). Analysis of the phylogenetic relationships of strains of Burkholderia solanacearum, Pseudomonas syzygii, and the blood disease bacterium of banana based on 16S rRNA gene sequences. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology46(1), 10-15.

Aiyeloja, A. A., & Bello, O. A. (2006). Ethnobotanical potentials of common herbs in Nigeria: A case study of Enugu state. Educational Research and Reviews1(1), 16.