–   Case and a 1-page MAX Executive Summary of your teams’s Key Findings, Conclusions & Recommendations and please fill the case analysis.template doc.

   –  For the Amazon case, I’d expect you to limit your analysis submission to about 5-7 pages, not including any support you may put in the Appendix.

  • This case will be weighted similar to a final exam.

Sample Case Study Analysis Process & Submission Outline

Please consider this case study analysis outline to prepare & perform your case analyses for our class. Please feel free to modify & improve it any way you prefer.

· After performing your case analyses individually and/or with your team, please submit a case summary using the suggested 1-page outline attached on page 2.

Step 1: Case OverviewStep 2: Situation AnalysisStep 3: Analysis Process
PerspectiveWhat kind of case is this?· Decision needed· Problem to solve· Evaluation of a strategy or issue?· Combination or hybrid?Evidence and AssumptionsMy understanding of the protagonist’s situation:· What are the 3-5 most important facts or factors that I know from evidence in the case?· What 1-2 key facts or factors are “unknowns”?· What are reasonable assumptions for “unknowns”?Detailed Alternative AnalysisSummarize Key Findings:· What does the case evidence tell me about the alternatives according to my criteria?· What insights did I glean from my analytical frameworks?· Which evidence supports my Key Findings?
Global Frame of Reference· How do I frame the case problem, decision needed, strategy or issue within the context of Managing in the Global Environment?· What can I demonstrably learn about Managing in the Global Environment in my approach to this case? i.e. why this case in this class?Alternatives & Decision Criteria· What alternatives should be considered?· What criteria should I use to evaluate the alternatives?· What are the most significant facts or factors I need to analyze to fully evaluate the alternatives?Conclusions· What are my overall Conclusions supported by case evidence and my Analysis?PLUS..· ..my own ..…ORIGINAL THINKING· Which graphics best illustrate my Analysis?
Self-awareness, Intuition & Instincts· What was my initial reaction to this case?· How might my bias limit my thinking?· What is this case all about REALLY? i.e. what is REALLY going on here?Analysis Approach· What quantitative & qualitative analytical tools & frameworks should I apply to this case & why?· How do I best represent my analytical approach?· What other approaches did I not choose & why?Recommendations· Recommended action plan – what should the protagonist do Monday morning?· What critical success factors will I use to evaluate my recommended action plan?

Sample Case Study Analysis – Submission Outline

Step 4: Submit a 1-page MAX individual/team case analysis using the following outline with 1-3 bullets for each of the first 6 headings:

Source: below is sample case study analysis outline based on McKinsey & Company’s classic outline for consulting client projects.

· After completing the thorough analysis outlined in Steps 1-3, please synthesize & summarize your analysis, conclusions & recommendations.

· Depending on the case, this outline works for both simple (5-7 pages) & complex cases (10+ pages) plus Appendix with support documents.

· Please do not submit case summaries or other case information; submit only your succinct analysis, key findings & recommendations.

· Please feel free to research, create, adapt and/or customize other “best practice” formats that better serve your individual strengths.

· Further reference: please feel free to research McKinsey’s 7S Model for comprehensive analysis & recommendations, per below illustration:

Case Analysis Submission – Sample Outline

The McKinsey 7S Model

Executive Summary



Key Findings




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BUS561 Managing in the Global Environment Environment Scan – Stakeholder Analysis ( date )

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“An organization exists to meet the demands of its stakeholders” – design principle, Socio-Technical Systems (STS)

Stakeholder Analysis: Identify Categories of Interested Parties & Their Expectations