History -Discussion

Answer one of the following in detail, atleast 10 sentences.

***this is 2 parts, 2nd question will be sent after i submit the first part


1. In what ways did “Salutary Neglect” influence future calls for independence?

2. The Puritans of Massachusetts Bay fled an established church and religious persecution in England. Why, then, did they promptly establish their own church and persecute dissenters?

3. What role did the colonies play in the British mercantilist system?

4. What ways did the Columbian Exchange impact the Americas, Europe, and Africa?

Steven, throughout the course, I will ask professor follow-up questions. In the spirit of the Socratic Method, I will ask questions in the main discussion that you will answer in the follow-up discussions. I will then discuss answers in those respective follow-up discussions. There are no right or wrong answers to these follow-up questions.

The university encourages faculty to use the Socratic Method. In short, the Socratic Method is a method of asking and answering questions to develop and practice critical thinking skills. Since this is a history course, our professor follow-up questions will involve working with primary sources, digital archives, and digital history exhibits.

The archives, exhibits and repositories that I have selected are based on several decades of experience in digital history. The questions are based on a decade of teaching publication and teaching research methods.

Note, your answer to the Week 2 follow-up is due the Sunday of Week 3.

For your professor follow-up, using the following resource, https://dp.la/primary-source-sets/the-columbian-exchange which primary source would you choose to illustrate your points and why?