2. In examining Document 4 and Document 6, how did the onset of the Cold War redefine whatit meant to be an American? What role do these documents suggest loyal citizens play in wagingwar against Communism? In examining the political cartoon (Document 5), how does the artistcritique the “anti-subversive” efforts that took place during the Second Red Scare? In what waysdoes the McCarthy era continue to influence American society?In examining Document 4 and Document 6, the onset of the Cold War redefined what is meant tobe an American because whenever the war end, it leaves a mark on everyone. This is because nthe article, one great great historical figure has said that once a democracy is destroyed, it willnot be from the enemies from without but the enemies from within. And whoever stays patrioticeven during the tough times, they are considered to be the true Americans. The loyal citizens are the ones that stand even during the tough times and these documentssuggest that loyal citizens play a vital role in waging war against communism because accordingto Karl Max, communism thinks love, justice are sloppy sentiment . And this is everything tatgoes against the belief of the loyal citizens. The Second Red Scare can be defined as the fear of communism among the Americansassociated with the culture, belief, politics and society. And they is a big trend going with anti-communism during the McCarthy era to influence American Society.