History 12 Archive Contribution Analysis Essay

History 12 Archive Contribution Object and Infographic due: Monday, May 4th by 11:59pm

Analysis Essay Due Friday, May 8th by 1:59PM

We often discuss history as an abstract concept; however, history is often best understood from the lived reality of everyday spaces and experiences. For this assignment, you will identify an object with a relationship to a person you believe to be historically significant. You have a good deal of leeway when it comes to selecting an item and defining who/what is “historically significant” however, here are a couple things to keep in mind as you decide on an archive item:

• Accessibility: Do you have access to the item and/or an individual with some connection to the item? Similarly, do you have access to someone you can conduct an oral history with?

• Relationship to course: The best research unfolds from your data; however, you should at least have a broad idea of the potential connections you plan on making to the course. For example, are you interested in your item as a product of a particular era or an item whose significance has changed over time?

• Creativity: As History 12 has shown, history is created at all levels of society. In this case, you will need to focus on something you have a connection to. As such, family history is both completely relevant and encouraged for this assignment; however, you might also think about documenting an object in the various communities you belong to (schools, church, athletics, sub-cultures, etc).

History 12 Archive: Students are required to upload their item to the History 12 Archive Google Form. To be considered complete, your upload must include: a title, an image, and tw0 paragraphs describing the item and analyzing its significance. Infographic*:Students are required to create an infographic depicting the item and its significance to History 12. Your infographic will be no more than one page and must use both text and images to describe your item and place it in historical context. Two Page Analysis:Students are required to write a two page essay analyzing their object’s historical significance. Essays must connect the archive object to specific historical content covered in History 12. Optional Oral History: Students have the option of conducting an oral history with the person connected to their object and completing a one-to-page “time log” documenting what was covered in the oral history for five points of extra credit. *Note: You will find sample infographics in the “Sample Infographics” link posted to the Research Project Module