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Research post topic and submit 260 word post on the given topic, indicate at least two source or reference in your original post. This assignment is to be scholarly; it is not enough for you to simply post your article and add cursory reviews. CITED REFERENCES ARE REQUIRED. Also post a reply to given 2 posts,  include at least 110 words in each post and provide at least one reference seperately. In reply posts, do not  say, good job, way to go, etc. Your reply should reflect an understanding of the situation and the reading materials.

Post Topic:

On the discussion forum, describe an instance of plagiarism or other use of another’s intellectual property with which you are familiar. Please give one argument condemning this conduct and one argument defending it. Minimum 260 words.

Reply to following posts with at least 110 words and at least 1 cited reference, do not say, good job, way to go, etc. Your reply should reflect an understanding of the situation and the reading materials.

Post 1:

On occasion, copyright encroachment is an issue on an academic level. In any case, the perspectives of reasonable burglary are compelled to the relationship of learning, and furthermore remarkable in the workplaces. Diverse affiliations or proprietors of affiliations weight on the requirement for creativity, yet the issue is that there are occasions likely out of scramble where authorities fall back on distorting whether purposefully or accidentally. Overwhelming cases are the inescapable aftereffects of copyright encroachment in the corporate world since the results of the exercises entwines the mischief to the brand’s reputation. 

In one way or substitute, affiliations should be contributed with the devotion of making the measures giving managers the points of view of hypothetical burglary and how to evade duplicating or reproducing someone’s work without owing credit where it is common. One of the instances of copyright encroachment that I consider in the workplace is that including the utilization of other people’s photos. Fundamentally, web, and besides visual makers, now and again take and utilize pictures with the bona fide objective to overhaul the style of venturing contraptions and publicizing security, for instance, presents, objectives, and logos. Awesome burglary in this event is the time when an originator uses pictures that were taken by an image taker or delineations made by another fashioner without support. 

I criticize this event of made sullied since it demolishes the reputation of a business as this infringes copyrights and the repercussions once in a while can result in huge fines. In a general sense, this is in light of the manner in which that robbery of this nature is defending law. In the workplaces, any obvious sort of consistency is less sharp when showed up differently in association with the educational level. Notwithstanding, since this is a particular kind of imaginative robbery, I shield it yet what is anticipated from the workers who end up in a situation where they have to use others’ sensible is the need to approach their manager to pay for the required charges for allowing the work. 

Post 2:

We can see plagiarism cases mainly in the schools, universities, and the academics, these types of cases are not rare these are common these days. There is the best example for this discussion that was done in my life only, that is when I was in higher class my teacher gives an assignment for the entire class on holidays. I was interested in writing that assignment because I am enthusiastic about writing a new assignment and new things I have completed that assignment as early as possible and I store that in my computer. One of my friends come to my house for playing purpose, and I am also very happy that they are coming to my house at the time of playing he stole my assignment. These things are happening without my knowledge, and I did not know even these types of things are also happening between friends, and I am a good friend to everyone (Bruton, 2016).

After the completion of the holidays, my the teacher told to everyone to submit all the student’s assignments and all the students have submitted their assignments, and the teacher has done correction and gives that assignment to the students on the next day by assigning marks for the assignment. When I was seeing my marks if really felt sad because my marks were zero I really felt bad, and I want to know what was wrong with my assignment. And I want to ask the teacher also what was wrong in my assignment then the teacher said that the same type of assignment I found two copies that is one yours and another student you both are copied teacher said (Bennett, 2011).

This is an example of plagiarism because my friend copied my ideas and creativity and my thoughts also. With this activity, I can’t get my appreciation and all the things and I feel very unhappy with my friend’s actions because if the trusted people only doing an illegal activity with us, then how we keep trust in others or with anonymous persons (Hansen, 2011).