Help With A Capstone And Essay On Analyzing Communication

1. During this capstone course you will select an organization and complete a comprehensive SWOT analysis for that organization. You should use your current organization for this analysis. If your organization is extremely large, you can use your department, organization, unit, squadron, etc. If you are currently not employed, pick a past organization where you worked, and for those who have yet to hit the workforce, you can select a company that you find interesting.

Your SWOT analysis will be completed in multiple parts. Here in your first SWOT assignment, you will select your organization and write a detailed organizational history, including a mission statement if available.

For this assignment, complete the following:

· Identify your organization and write a detailed organizational history, including a mission statement if available.

· Research background information on your organization.

2. This research should include any and all pertinent research on the organization (both good and bad) including the current status of the organization (is the company growing, expanding, going into bankruptcy, etc.).

In addition to researching your organization, you should also do some basic research on the SWOT analysis and what it takes to complete, since this is going to be the foundation for your final paper due in Module 8. I have included some resources in our readings and viewing this week to get you started. There are a ton of other examples and information on the SWOT analysis in the Excelsior College Library, as well as other sources, and now is the time to get a firm understanding of this process.

This introductory assignment should be a detailed paper that is at least 750 words and formatted following APA guidelines. Remember this is the beginning (abstract) of your overall final SWOT analysis (due in Module 8) and you want to provide as much detail about the organization as possible.

For example, explain the what, where and why your organization exists and include how long it has been in business and how many employees it has; even the number of locations is something to consider for this first section of your SWOT paper.

*My organization is the US Navy