This discussion will help you think about delivering a presentation in an online format. You may use resources outside the linked article to help you answer the questions, but be sure to cite these sources in MLA format (including websites). For additional information about the MLA citation format, visit the MLA Style for Electronic SourcesLinks to an external site. webpage. 

  1. Read the article titled, Delivering Your SpeechPreview the document.
  2. Create a discussion post (minimum 150 words) that responds to all of the following:  
    • What are some of the challenges that you would need to consider regarding presenting in an online environment? Provide some examples of how you might overcome these challenges.  
    • What types of presentation media are you considering for your final story presentation (e.g. Powerpoint with voice-over/ script; video; PowToons; etc.) to support your method of delivery? Discuss the pros and cons of each of these options.  
    • Thinking about the final story presentation holistically (and based on the reading), what are some decisions that you plan to make in order to prepare for this culminating assignment? How will you specifically execute these plans to ensure your preparation?