Group Projects and Company Analysis

Each group will be solely responsible for developing a presentation on a U.S. based multinational company (check with the professor on the firm selected), its strategy and the direction of its future operations. A critical portion of the project will be trying to project the company’s situation into the future. What are the key variables this company must be aware of and how will the world economic cycle and political movements impact the company? As a final point of judgment, the question will be where the company will be in ten years? Does it have a good management team and is it likely to be a good investment? If necessary, the groups can look at multiple outcomes. For example, given the assumption of falling oil prices a firm will respond in one way, whereas if oil prices rise the firm will move in a different direction.

each group will review and analyze the company’s Sustainability Plan and present it to the class

i need any part of this project to be done asap and let me know which part can you do?