Governments Intervention In Business

  • A term paper is optional for the course and is due onApril 26,2015.
  • The term paper can be of any size ranging fromfive to eight pagesdepending on the case you are analyzing. It can be of any format (single or double spaced).
  • The paper should include atitle pagewith your name on it and areference page(bibliography). Pages of the paper should be numbered.
  • The paper should use thePROPER citation and quotation marks.
  • The term paper is done and submitted individually.
  • The term paper is worth 20% of the total course grade.
  • The term paper is about the government’s intervention in business. There are different ways by which the government intervenes in business. Consider only two ways:Antitrust laws and patent rules. Both of which are explained in chapter 17 in the book. Choose any one of these two ways and write the paper about it, read chapter 17 before you write the paper.
  • The paper should includetwo parts:The first part is the theorywhich is explanation of the antitrust law or the patent rule whichever you choose for your paper (This part is fully explained in chapter 17).The second part is an analytical case; choose any case for the antitrust or patent, follow the case, present any court ruling in the case, analyze it, and express your own opinion in the case.
  • You are always welcome to contact me for more questions, comments, or further explanations.