General Psychology W1

General Psychology


Blog Topic – Week 1

Everyone has his or her own personal beliefs about “the way people are” or “what makes people tick.” For example, you might believe that men are better than women at math and that this difference results from the way girls are treated in schools. You might believe that depression is the result of stressful life experiences.

Alternatively, you may simply be puzzled by certain aspects of human behavior and not really have an explanation for it. For example, why is it that such deep divisions exist between various ethnic groups? Why is it sometimes so difficult to remember people’s names?

List five “theories” (beliefs or hunches) that you have about people’s behavior and five things about human behavior that puzzle you.




Week One Assignment

Write a 1 page (3 paragraph minimum) Identify 1 person who have contributed to the field of Psychology and list his/her contribution to the field.