Fundamentals Of Psychology


For this assignment, you will download the document via the link below. This document has been formatted in APA Style, but contains errors. Your assignment is to read through the resources provided in this unit and then edit the APA document, correcting a minimum of ten (10) errors.  You will then resubmit the document with the APA formatting corrections.

In order to complete this assignment, you must turn on track changes prior to making edits to the APA document.  For information on how to turn on track changes, click here: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..  If you fail to complete this assignment with track changes turned on then you will be requested to resubmit the assignment.  You will receive full points for the assignment only if you identify a minimum of ten (10) APA formatting errors.

Word Icon.jpg Click to download the APA documentPreview the document

This assignment meets the following Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcome

  • PLO 2 – Students will be able to read analytically, write clearly, using the APA Style Manual, and speak articulately about the study of psychology.

Course Learning Outcome

  • CLO 6 – Recognize elements of proper APA formatted writing (Aligns with PLO 2).

Module Learning Outcome

  • MLO 35 – Identify APA errors in a written assignment (Aligns with CLO 6).