Forum Responses To Peer Post

I need a 150 word reply to each of the following 2 forum post made by my peers in my class:

Forum #1

I enjoyed the Porter article so I’ll start with operational effectiveness (OE).  Porter defines OE as “performing similar activities BETTER than rivals perform them”.  Contrast this with strategic positioning which is “performing different activities…or performing similar activities differently”.  And as Porter stated, OE is related to best practices and raises the bar for everyone in the field.  In healthcare, new technology and research drives best practices and “standard of care” within the medicolegal landscape.  tPA (the clot buster drug), for example, has become the “standard of care” and a best practice for stroke patients.  As this spread, hospitals were then forced to create/change/implement processes and workflows to ensure that patients with stroke-like symptoms receive tPA within the window.  The shifts the productivity frontier outward for hospitals.  Strategic positioning would then represent how the hospital system approached this…do they need more physicians, stroke coordinators, imaging modalities (CT/MRI)?  Do they chose to become a certified stroke center, or do they focus instead on STEMI (heart attack) center?  This also brings in Porter’s point about the need for trade-offs as hospitals approach the productivity frontier.  It’s hard to be the leader in stroke, STEMIs, CT surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics.

Forum #2

From distance, Operational Effectiveness and Strategic Positioning appear to have a blurred boundaries (at least for me they do); but they are very distinct and detrimental in the future of a certain company. Porter’s article addresses these differences so well and I believe that’s what makes Porter’s analysis very interesting and worthy of the light and discussions.

Charles, I agree with you when you said hospitals would have to “create value around the disease process” and “convince the community” in order to differentiate their services. In the case of stroke for instance, once the code is called, the steps followed from stroke assessment, CT or MRI scan, outcome interpretation to TPA initiating and monitoring/assessments are standard protocols laid out by Joint Commission or American Heart Association. Any stroke certified facility, which there are many, would provide somewhat similar level of care and anything done to enhance these services I think would fall under OE rather than SP. I think this theory would apply to STEMI or other medical emergencies and services as well.

I worked at a Physician owned, acute care hospital for few years and their slogan is “State of The Art Technology In a Five Star Setting”. The hospital didn’t feel like any ordinary hospital. The reception area looks/feels like a five star hotel lobby, the guest elevators were very fancy, the patient rooms were spacious and comfortable and the physician offices were breathtaking!. All this was done in order to take patients out of the “hospital” state of mind and make them feel as though they are vacationing while admitted for procedures or receiving treatment. The hospital did have turbulent times with controversies and lawsuits, for one reason or another, but it still stands and stays busy even with major hospitals opening around it. It’s very clear to me now why they do what they do.