Focus Paper – Leading A Team

According to Forbes online contributor Steve Denning (2015), “In holacracy the hierarchy is an autocracy of circles which are run according to detailed procedures” (para.11). These detailed procedures let the teams manage themselves. But this does not mean they do not need some leadership.

Denning, S. (2015, May 23). Is holacracy succeeding at Zappos? Forbes [online]. Retrieved from


· Read about Zappos’s use of holacracy in an online article or two as background for this Assignment.

· Read the following scenario: In the XYZ Corporation that has adapted holacracy just like Zappos, the executive team realizes that the processes they have created are just too complicated and tedious which has demotivated the teams and resulted in excessive turnover. They have hired you as a transformational leader to come in and transform a team of industry specialists to become motivated again.

· Evaluate the holacracy structure and the XYZ company situation and then respond to the question:

· How can you as the new team leader transform this XYZ company team into a more motivated one using the four components (4 I’s) of the FRLD model? Explain in detail how this will be accomplished.

The paper should be at least three (3) full pages in content length along with a formal title page and a references page. The current APA format, and citation style should be used.