Financial Management Paper

 Research Topic

Corporate Diversification, its pro’s, con’s and how it effects shareholders.

Research Paper

This project will require you to research a topic in corporate finance. Objective is for the student to gain an in-depth knowledge of a topic related to the course that is not covered thoroughly by the lecture or the textbook.

Research Paper Structure

a. Introduction to the topic you chose, definitions, and why the topic is important in corporate finance / financial management.

b. A review of some of the literature related to your topic. This should include a review of both theories (theories predict how individuals will behave) and empirical studies (empirical analysis uses data to test if the prediction of the theory are supported).

· For example, let’s say you choose to write about dividends. There is the agency theory, signaling theory, and others. You should discuss these theories, and then also discuss some papers that attempted to “test” if the data supports these theories.

c. Your assessment of the literature, including your opinions after reading the existing arguments.

· For example, do you feel the literature is missing something? Which theories do you tend to agree with the most? Have you had any firsthand experiences or opinions on the topic? Do you have any predictions that were not covered in the literature you read?

d. Brief concluding remarks.

e. References (APA)

As a very general guideline, the paper must be 8 pages including the reference page.

Must be APAAll sources must be cited properly.

Attached is one possible source  you can use regarding Corporate diversification. It is a pdf file.