Final Paper- Cultural Differences Between India And Other Countries

Cover below topics in the paper. I will mention what do you need to write that means format of final paper

  •   Cover Sheet – Title of the paper, class, your name, date, term. (Centered). 
  •   Introduction – Give some basic background to the issue. Introduce the subject to someone who is completely unfamiliar with the topic. 1 page. 
  •   Explanation of the ethical problem – Define the problem in detail, giving ethical arguments on both sides of the issue. 2-3 pages. 
  •   Resolution: Describe how you would resolve the issue. What principles or guidelines would you offer to business surrounding this issue? Imagine yourself presenting this to a National Conference on Ethics. 3-5 pages. 
  •   Summary and conclusions: 1 page. 
  •   Bibliography: (Include one reference from authorized sites like gov or org) 
  •   Citations – American Psychological Association (APA) format. 
  •   Length Not to exceed 10 pages [minus bibliography], double spaced, APA style, grammar, spell check, transitions, and formatting are an expectation of graduate students