Final Media Project Outline

For this week’s assignment, you will prepare an outline using the Final Media Project Outline Templete. This outline will assist you in organizing and presenting your ideas for the Final Medial Project which is due at the end of week Five. 

You will also gnerate a list of potential sources that youplan to draw from for Final Media Project. You should also review the instructions for Final Meida Project located in Week Five for more specific information.

The topic that you choose must surround a poitical, social, or economic issue that is current in the news media. This will require you to pay close attention to what is going on in the media. In additon to your local media outlets, you should also read, view, or listen to national publications and broadcasts to braden your scope of knowledge about what is trending. Sources of information can include news programs, online digital news sources, print publications, and radio programs.

For the Final Media Project Outline, you must:

 * Identify a national or intentional political, social, or economic issue.

 * Discuss the presentation of the issue in current media systems.

 * Identify the target audience for the mediated message you intend to create about the issue.

 * Choose mainstream and social media outlets for which the message will appear and discuss the rationale for choosing each media outlet.

 * Adhere to the Final Media Project Outline Templete.

I need this assignment for week 1 to be completed and recieved by me by 03/06/2016 @ 4PM Pacific Standard TIme. This is a JRN101 assignment