Final Exam

Please answer the questions on the answer sheet, and all answer should be from the reading I’ve provide. Cannot use other sources to answer questions!

Reading and answer sheet are under the attachment.

Each answer with 200 words around.

21 Spring CHIN 150 – Journey the Yangtze: Survey of Chinese Culture

Final Exam


· Please make sure to address all your responses based on assigned readings, class discussions and in-class activities. There is no need to search for and cite additional readings or content online.

· Please submit your answer sheet on Blackboard as a WORD document only. Do not copy and paste your answers in the submission box.

· Due date: May 27 (Thursday) 11:59 pm (Eastern Time)


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Questions (20 points each):

1. According to Feng Yan in the reading Women’s Virtue and Vices, what were the expected duties of a husband and a wife in a traditional Chinese family? What were the gendered obligations that have been changed now in the modern society in China or America? (200-250 Words)



2. According to the reading Rethinking the imperial harem: Why were there so many palace women, what were the practical reasons that each emperor in the Song dynasty possessed a vast number of palace women? (200-250 Words)



3. Based on the reading Liang Qichao’s Trip to America, what was Liang’s purpose of visiting America? What were the two differences he observed in the American society in New York City and the Chinese society in mainland China? (200-250 Words)


4. To fully eliminate the heavy Chinese traditions that had held China back in the late Qing dynasty, Mao implemented several movements that focused on patriotism and economic growth. Please describe one such movement and its outcome. (200-250 Words)


5. How was the Qing government affected by global changes since the late Qing Dynasty? What has the modern Chinese government implemented to adopt to global changes since Deng Xiaoping to the present? (200-250 Words)


Bonus question (10 points):

6. Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong in Qing dynasty are considered three of the greatest emperors in Chinese history. Please explain the emperors’ endeavors to (i) adopt Chinese culture, (ii) preserve Manchu culture, and (iii) expand the Chinese territory. (200-250 Words)