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ABC Company, Inc. has been in existence for 10 years. They have 50 employees, currently have one location, and they only manufacture one product: widgets. They have managed to stay in business by holding onto a small portion of the widget market, but they are far from the market leader. Over the last 5 years, their market share has stayed more or less stagnant. The president of the company is an older gentleman and mostly works from home. He makes decisions through meetings with his managers over the phone and is rarely seen at the company. Mid-level managers don’t have much contact with each other and basically focus exclusively on their individual departments. The rest of the staff members are very distrustful of management and there has recently been a lot of turnover.  Outside of interoffice griping, there is rarely any company wide communication. Recent economic developments and technological advances in the widget industry have resulted in a greater demand for widgets in emerging markets, as well as in the U.S. In order to stay competitive, ABC Company is considering expanding its operation globally. ABC has come to you, an expert on organizational change, for consulting advice. Evaluate ABC’s current OCC. What advice would you provide in order to better position ABC to successfully implement this change? Be as thorough and specific as possible, covering as many issues as you can.

ABC Company Consult


ABC Company, Inc. Consulting

Dr. Hyo Jin (Jeana) Cho

Southern New Hampshire University

Congratulations, on the taking the first steps building a healthy and prosperous company internally and on a global scale. Based on the information provided, an evaluation of the companies’ organizational capacity for change (OCC). The information and suggestions provided are not guaranteed to create success. However, studies have shown these methods have a high success rate with many of the leading corporations. ABC Company, Inc. creates, sales, and distributes widgets on a small business scale. Currently, you are entertaining the idea of producing and selling on a global platform. Before implementing such a significant change to your establishment is important to make sure that the foundation and the internal workings of your business can adjust successfully. Let’s begin by looking at the leaders of your company.

The president of the business sets the example or his executives, management teams, and his entry-level workers. It is vital that his presence is seen and known. Although I can relate to the convenience of working from home, taking the time to address his employees can demonstrate his passion, partnership, and loyalty to the company and the many employees that make the company success a reality.

Judge, William. FOCUSING ON ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE. MBS Direct, 11/2013. VitalBook file.

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