Feasibility Report With Sub Points

Because of the November 2016 Kaikoura earthquakes, ABC Property Development has had to demolish their property at 61 Molesworth St, Wellington.  The property was previously a nine-story high-rise commercial and residential building.

ABC Property Development are now thinking of putting a hotel on the site and they have commissioned you to research and write a Feasibility Report.  You are required to complete a report for management that takes into consideration the points listed below.

Part A –

  1. Introduction & Property Type Recommendations (10 marks)
  • Brief overview of who the report is for and the aim of the report
  • Describe the target market
  • Justify why this site is suitable for this target market
  • Analyse and discuss any direct and/or indirect competition
  • Recommended a Property type
  1. Design Recommendations (10 marks)

Analyse different property styles, suggest a design style and support this choice.

  • Analysis of different potential property styles
  • Explain and justify the exterior style chosen with reference to the identified target market above
  • Explain and justify the interior style chosen with reference to the identified target market above
  • Include two room floor plans which show the different room mix
  • Explain the room design or include a Room Design Board
  1. Development Requirements (15 marks)
  • Detail the resource consent planning requirements
  • Include a Resource Consent Plan
  1. Compliance/On-going Management Requirements (5 marks)
  • Detail the on-going legal/compliance requirements
  • Include an on-going management plan
  1. Sustainable Business Practices (10 marks)

Analyse different options of sustainable business practice and energy efficiency, suggest practices and solutions that you feel are viable for the property.

  • Explain your approach/strategy
  • Include details of sustainability initiatives/measures you recommend