Exercise 7.4

Using the predicates listed for each assertion, “translate” each of the following into quantified logical form.

1. No managers are sympathetic. (Mx, Sx) x(Mx SX)

2. Everything is in its right place. (Rx)

3. Some cell phones have no service here. (Cx, Sx) x(Cx Sx)

4. Not everything is settled. (Sx)

5. Radiohead concerts are amazing. (Rx, Ax) x(Rx Ax)

6. Nothing is everlasting. (Ex)

7. Not every earthquake is destructive. (Ex, Dx) x(Ex Dx)

8. Very few people do not like Mac computers. (Px, Mx)

9. Only registered voters can vote in the next election. (Rx, Vx) x[(Vx Rx)

10. Not everyone disapproves (i.e., does not approve) of the president’s cabinet selections. (Ax)