Exegetical Paper’s Thesis, Outline, And Bibliography

his Discussion Board Forum is designed to provide a place for your classmates to analyze your progress on your final written assignment.

You are required to post your Exegetical Paper’s Thesis, Outline, and Bibliography for discussion among your peers and evaluation by your instructor. You can use this Discussion Board Forum to ask questions about your particular passage, to seek bibliographical help, to suggest ideas to others, or simply to report your progress (good and bad). Remember, please offer constructive criticism.

NBST 610

Discussion Board Forum Instructions


For Discussion Board Forum 4, you will submit the thesis, passage outline, and bibliography for your Exegetical Paper for discussion among your classmates and evaluation by your instructor.



This is necessary for FINAL PAPER.

You will find instructions for a basic exegetical paper in Appendix 2 of the textbook Grasping God’s Word. Submit a .doc or .docx file of your paper by uploading it to Blackboard. Submit your paper as an attachment rather than pasting it into the comments box.