Read the Integrated Action Learning Project description (Attached aLong with)

For this assessment, create an executive summary for your project proposal.

An executive summary should be understood easily by an audience not familiar with your full proposal. At a glance, someone reading this brief summary should be able to understand the most important points. The ideal executive summary is a half-page to one page in length, although it should be on the shorter end of that range. The executive summary should be written in a more formal business tone and should include key pieces of information, such as facts, figures, and ideas that are critical to your proposal.

The executive summary should accomplish the following:

  • Describe the background of the project and the details of how it was initiated.
  • Describe the business objectives for the project.
  • Describe the project scope.
  • Analyze the project to identify all milestones and determine deliverable dates.
  • Determine risks and develop a communication plan for stakeholders.

Be sure to properly cite all references using APA style.

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## 1: Analyze complex computing problems and apply principles of computing and other relevant disciplines to identify solutions.

Describe the project scope.

Identify the milestones for a project to determine deliverables.

Develop a communication plan for stakeholders to communicate risks.

## 2: Communicate effectively in a variety of professional contexts.

Develop an executive summary for an IT project proposal.

Communicate in a manner that is professional and consistent with expectations for members of the IT profession.

## 3: Apply professional responsibilities and informed judgments across diverse computing environments that reflect legal and ethical principles.

Uphold academic ethical standards by properly citing, referencing, and paraphrasing sources in APA format.

## 4: Identify, analyze, and incorporate user needs in the selection, creation, integration, evaluation, and administration of computing solutions.

Describe a project’s background and why it was initiated.

Describe the relationship between an organization’s objectives and a project.