Professional Ethics: Application of ethical decision-making model

Rationale: The Code of Ethics is integral to social work practice. In this assignment, students will learn an ethical decision- making model and apply it to two decision cases—one case at the micro level and one at the mezzo/macro level.

Instructions: Students will have read the Dolgoff, et. al. “ethical decision-making” chapter and the NASW Code of Ethics before attempting the assignment.

Students will read two decision cases and then perform ‘the ethics work-up’ presented in the chapter, using the Code. One of these will be guided in the class material, but the other will be for students to do independently. The product will be a worksheet (see appendix) for each case, (the one that is guided, and the one done independently) discussing the steps taken in the ‘ethics work-up’.


  • Students will demonstrate application of the Ethical Decision Making Model.
  • Students will apply the model to cases involving complex decisions about multiple realms of social work practice.


  1. Read the article, and the two cases.
  2. Watch the PPT regarding “Whose Side Are You On Anyway?”
  3. Complete the worksheet about “Whose Side Are You On Anyway?”
  4. Study “Private Charity” and complete the worksheet.