Ethical Perspectives and Decision Discussion (8 paragraphs, or

800 words total. Please see details below.)

Details: Carefully study Chapter 1, Ethical Perspectives, in Johnson. Then, reflect on one of

your past ethical decisions/situations. Analyze the situation from the point of view of EACH

AND ALL of the 5 ethical approaches discussed in Chapter 1. (This should take 6 paragraphs:

one for the description of the situation, no longer than 100 words, and 5 for analyses using

each approach). Which approach did YOU take in choosing the course of action? (add one

more paragraph to the 6 you already have). Evaluate the quality of your decision/choice

(add one more paragraph to the 7 you should now have). Your answers should be about 2-3

double-spaced pages


Hints: Pease do not submit your first draft (also known as “brainstorm”). Carefully edit and

proofread your submission for tone, organization, spelling, punctuation, and grammar

before posting it for academic and business audiences to read. Please refrain from writing in

the second person and from using the following expressions: “nowadays”, “in the book it

says,” “in conclusion,” “I truly believe,” “According to the author, he/she states” – to name

just a few. These are not acceptable for college writing in any genre.