Listed below is the essay question to be answered, instructions and attached is relevant information to the essay.

Instructions: Support every part of the essay; answer with course resources; construct the essay with a descriptive/unique title, introduction, body, and conclusion; proofread your writing for accuracy, clarity, grammar, plagiarism, etc. 

Length – approximately 2.3 pages.


Essay question to be completed:

Essay: Consider the 4 Africanisms as explored in Giddings’ “Afrocentric Jay-Z” essay: communal, oral, spiritual, matrifocal. What is the meaning and significance of each Africanism in African American culture and history, according to Giddings? What evidence/support is given for each of the 4 Africanism; are you convinced or unconvinced; and why or why not? What are at least 2 connections you can draw between Giddings’ arguments and what the other sources (i.e., F&H text, chapter 1) presents about African culture?