Essay 3 – Novel (I need a topic for it)

5 pages , typed, 12-inch font, double-spaced, one-inch margins

For this paper, remember to:

create a thesis statement that lets your reader know your argument about the story;

continue to develop your paragraphs completely with topic sentences, quotes and context for support, and analysis related to your thesis;

unfold your argument over the course of the paper, where each paragraph leads to a new point in your essay;

finally, be sure to end your paper by referencing the end of the book and how it relates to your thesis.

choose a theme to focus on and make an argument out of how this theme develops over the course of the paper.

There is no need to surround your arguments around literary devices. That said, you now have the language to use when discussing these elements in your paper.

You don’t need to talk about the literary devices this
time. Instead, maybe choose 3-4 ways in which Henriquez tries to address
the issue of the danger of a single story. You can start out in the intro
by acknowledging what the single story is that we often hear about
immigrants from South America, and then in the body of the essay talk about
the other stories we hear. You could start with Alma and her family, then
Mayor and his family, and maybe write a paragraph or two about some other
characters from the apartment, and how they offer up more than the
stereotypes we hear. Then you’ll want to write a final body paragraph about
the end of the story and how it relates to this theme.