ASU Department of Psychology College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 9/30/2015

PSY 101 Sona Research Requirements

Completion of Report Credits

Report credit is awarded in units of 1 credit. A summary (350 words) of a research report of any length in a journal published by the American Psychological Association (APA) or the American Psychological Society (APS) if done appropriately earns 1 credit. The journals cover all of the major subfields of Psychology such as Social, Clinical, Developmental, Cognitive, and Behavioral Neuroscience.

1. If you choose to fulfill all hours of credit by satisfying the Report Credit option, you bypass the Research Study Participation Credit option entirely.

2. If you choose to fulfill part of your credit requirement with the Report Credit option, log onto the Sona system to satisfy the remainder of the credit.

3. To obtain report credit, you should read a scientific article from the list below and write a report. A 350 word report on a journal article receives 1 credit. THE REPORT MUST BE WRITTEN IN YOUR OWN WORDS AND GO BEYOND THE ARTICLE ABSTRACT.

Since most articles have an Introduction, Method, Results, and Discussion section, we recommend that your follow this structure in your report:

What the researcher expected to find; study procedure and important independent variables and dependent variables; major result or findings of the study; main conclusion(s) of the study; and what you liked and disliked about the article or study.

4. Give the report (or reports) to your instructor for approval. Since all credit is due by the day of your last class, these reports should be given to your instructor at least 48 hours earlier so that the instructor can evaluate the report and give you credit.

5. Be sure to attach a photocopy of the journal article you review.

The list of approved journals and how to locate them is in the information below.

• Choose a journal title that interests you. • Go to the ASU Library website, and use Journal Lookup to find the journal online and to browse

its contents. • Pick an article (or articles) that interest you to write up your summary (or summaries). Send

your summary (or summaries) in a Word document. • Be sure to download the article, so that you can print it out and give it to your professor with

your report or if your professor allows electronic copies send it with your summary as an email attachment (links will not work, due to your unique log-in information).




ASU Department of Psychology College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 9/30/2015 You may also go to the following websites to obtain lists of journals that may be used for Report Credit: (click on red ‘search’ button for hundreds of journal articles stored at the ASU online reference library!)

Journal list for Report Credits:

Journal of Experimental Psychology Journal of Personality & social Psychology Developmental Psychology Perception and Psychophysics Journal of Social Psychology Social Psychology Quarterly Journal of Experimental Social Psychology Learning and Motivation Cognitive Psychology Journal of Applied Social Psychology Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology Journal of Applied Behavioral Science Journal of Memory and Language Journal of Abnormal Psychology Child Development Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology Psychological Assessment Journal of Conflict Resolution Journal of Experimental Research in Personality Journal of Personality Psychology and Aging Health Psychology Memory and Cognition Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin Merrill-Palmer Quarterly Brain Research Brain Research Reviews Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Journal of Neuroscience Life Sciences Neuroscience Neuroscience Letters Psychopharmacology- Berlin

You may also go to the non-susbscriber section of following website to obtain lists of journals that may be used for Report Credit: