Question 1.

Describe and explain how you would develop a Compliance Charter/Compliance Policy/Compliance Manual for your organisation.

Consider the steps you would take, who it would be designed for, what information you might include or exclude, any resources or operational systems which would be required, and how this document could begin to enable and enhance a strong compliance culture.

Explain and justify your reasoning, using examples where possible.

Question 2.

“Compliance costs the company a huge amount of money without the value of the return.” Please be disagree. Do you agree or disagree? Explain your reasoning, using examples where possible.

Question 3.

Explain your organisational approach to minimising risk in one area of financial crime with which you are familiar. This could anti-money laundering, 


no longer than 3,500 words in total

References must be clearly stated. NO plagiarism

International level of writing 

Please use Oil and gas sector as example for all the Question.

Each question should be 1000 words