Environmental Scanning

As you have learned in this week’s readings, many businesses exist in dynamic markets that pose unique economic, political, and technological challenges. Select a medium-  to large-sized, publicly traded corporation that currently exists in a  challenging business environment. Refer to the seven common categories  of trend analysis as laid out in your textbook: Economic, regulatory/legislative, political, demographic, sociocultural, attitude/lifestyle,  and technological. Research the company online by accessing the Mergent   Ashford University Library online database which offers company  financials, descriptions, history, property, subsidiaries, officers and  directors. Also, access the Business  Insights: Global Ashford  University Library online database which offers information on global  companies and industries. It includes environment analysis, market share  data, financial reports, case studies, business news, and company  comparison charts. (View the Mergent tipsheet and Business Insights tipsheet documents for suggested methods of searching Ashford University Library databases generally,  as well as specific advice for searching these two databases). You can  always conduct research using credible online sources of corporate  financial information, just be sure that wherever you obtain financial  information that you cite your source. Use this Scholarly, Peer Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources (Links to an external site.) document for guidance. Choose  one of the seven categories to use as a basis of analysis for this  discussion. Ensure that the time frame is now and that the challenges  are continuing.

In your initial post of at least 200 words,

  • Provide a general description of the publicly traded company you chose. 
  • Describe the challenges facing the company in the chosen category of analysis.
  • Assess its current performance in your chosen category of analysis. 
  • Forecast its projected performance in your chosen category of analysis.
  • Evaluate impending opportunities or challenges that result from your environmental scan.