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Influenza and Covid-19 pandemics



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This paper discussed the common characteristics of two pandemics that have been witnessed in the world. The first pandemic is the Influenza Flu with was witnessed in 1918 at a time when the world was going through World War 1. The events of WW1 triggered the spread of Influenza flu to many nations of the world specifically the United States. The soldiers had to go to Europe where the virus began. During the battle, soldiers got infected and returned to the United States and spread the infection. The second pandemic is the Coronavirus which started in Wuhan city of China. The first coronavirus case was in the year 2019. The articles outline the signs and symptoms of the two pandemics and give measures that have been proposed by health practitioners to help in reducing the risks associated. Even though the period between the two pandemics is 100 years, there are common characteristics. The diseases are known to be contagious and infect the respiratory system of the host species. They are highly mutating making them difficult to develop an antidote to kill the viruses.










Influenza and Covid-19 pandemics

Respiratory pandemics have been witnessed from time to time. Influenza is a viral infection that is a highly contagious respiratory infection. This virus causes fever, severe aching, and catarrh. In the year 1918, during the times of the First World War, the Influenza virus evolved infecting many people in the world. Coronavirus is another pandemic that has been witnessed in the world in the year 2019. It is a highly infectious disease that is caused by the novel coronavirus causes severe respiratory complications. The outbreak of respiratory illness was identified in the Wuhan City of China. In the January of 2020, the World health organization declared the Coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic. This was after the organization had declared another influenza pandemic in the year 2009 H1N1. This article discusses two pandemics which are Influenza and COVID-19 outlining the themes of death, mortality, love as well as common characteristics between the two pandemics.

There was a wide range of influenza virus species because the genetics of the virus could mutate from time to time. The recorded species of the virus could infect human beings, Cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs and other species could affect a wide range of species. Influenza virus belongs to the Orthomyxovidae family with a negative single-stranded RNA(s). The first cases of coronavirus reported in china showed severe respiratory syndrome (SARS) which has now become the world’s massive pandemic of the century (Lavvio, 2020). Effects of the virus are not related to the health of individuals but also social and economic status.

What is common between Influenza Flu and Covid-19?

The two world pandemics have occurred with a period difference of 100 years. This evident because the Influenza virus was witnessed in 1918 while Covid-19’s first case was reported in the year 2019. The signs and symptoms of the two diseases have common characteristics. Influenza Flu signs and symptoms include; Coughing, fever, fatigue, sore throat, headache, and body aches. The time taken to show the signs of the infection is short. The rise of the Influenza flu in Dallas was reported to spread rapidly worsening the conditions of the medical practitioners (Lavvio, 2020). Medical officials had to put in place restrictions to mitigate the spread of the disease.

Corona Virus signs and symptoms include; fever, sweating, fatigue, dehydration, headache, and body aches. The coronavirus takes a little longer to show its signs in an infected person. This shows a significant difference from the Influenza flu whereby an infected person could take less than 24 hours to develop acute complications. This can be used to show that the Influenza virus has a lower incubation period compared to Covid-19. Covid-19 takes at least 5-6 days meaning it can spread a rate lower than that of influenza flu. The severity of the diseases is dependent on the age bracket of the infected person. Those at high risk after contracting the diseases are the elderly, pregnant women, children, and people with underlying medical conditions (David, 2020). Those that are immunosuppressed are also a high-risk group to the disease.

Mortality is the state of an individual who is subject to death. This is linked to deaths in large numbers. Influenza Flu and Covid-19 are associated with a certain rate of mortality. The rate of mortality in Covid-19 patients is however higher than that of influenza. The mortality influenza flu is currently known as opposed to that of Covid-19. It will take time to understand the mortality in covid-19 but from the reports, it is understood that indicators show a crude mortality ratio which represents the number of deaths with respect to all the reported cases (Katherine, 2021). The mortality is however influenced by the quality of health care which individuals receive.

The diseases have killed many people in the world in a time whereby no cure had been developed. Currently, we have vaccines for pandemics that can reduce the severity of the diseases in case of attacks. Most of the vaccines for Covid-19 are being tried in the world. The vaccine is targeting the vulnerable groups as nations continue making plans to ensure that all the citizens are vaccinated. Vaccination against influenza is recommended to be given each year to ensure that the Flu is prevented. The world data for the coronavirus shows that the world has recorded 129 million cases with 73 million recoveries and 2.81 million cases of deaths reported (Lavvio, 2020). Influenza flu also caused a substantial burden to the health of people in the world and in the United States.

The diseases have caused deaths in the world. People living with underlying conditions have been widely affected by pandemics. In the pale horse pale rider, the theme of death is elaborated. During the times of World War 1, many people lost their lives due to influenza flu infections. The case applies to Covid-19 where the number of registered deaths is almost clocking 3 million people. This has forced nations to put in place control measures reducing the spread of the virus. This was also the case during the Influenza flu times. People have been advised to avoid public gatherings, maintain high levels of hygiene by washing hands, and maintain social distancing. Some situations have forced governments to impose curfews and quarantine measures to help in containing the spread of the infection. Those that have been infected are advised to isolate themselves to ensure that they do not infect others with diseases (Joe, 2020). These measures were also applied to contain the spread of influenza flu.

The article shows the great sense of love which people have for each other. Dallas Morning news article shows how people could come together and support the soldiers by buying war bonds which were made to help the government sponsor World War 1. This should how Americans were dedicated to helping their country get over the war period. In pale horse pale rider, a journalist falls in love with a soldier showing hope for the future even during hard times when Influenza flu had infected the world. During the Covid-19 times, people have been forced to stay home (Joe, 2020). This has increased the time in which families can now stay together and gave chance for families to bond well and express love.

The Influenza Flu and Covid-19 pandemics have caused great changes in the world. The normal way of living which people are used to is changed by the effects of the infections. We should be advised to follow the regulations given by the health sector helping us to overcome pandemics. We all know how the world economy has been affected by the coronavirus. We should learn how to live with this virus because we do not know how long it will stay with us. Pandemics have happened in the past and we expect them in the future because we are exposed to all the risks.

















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