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Introduce myself as a brand

1. Brand idea – What is it

Looking back on my past 2 years, the key sentence to describe is “finding out my personal career path”. I spend a lot of time on the plan my career and apply for internships to experience different jobs. Thus, If I would develop and promote myself as a brand, I would take my abundant career experience as my strength and core characteristic to let people remember me.

The brand would be a service that I can offer to customers. The targeted customers would be any undergraduate and graduate who want to find a job or plan for their career path. I give advice and share information with them. The service would be two parts: free information sharing and paid knowledge sharing.

2. What images or content are given

The images will be given to the customers are four characteristics: Professional, Affordable, Efficiency, Close

3. How it will be designed

· Professional

Since I take service as a brand, the customer may want to know what kind of service at the first hand. Professional is an important brand image that I would like to convey to customers. By telling them my abundant experiences in resume amending, interviewing and internship experiences over 3 areas. [Resume amending times: 150+ times (for me or friends); Interviews experience:more than 30 times; My internship experiences: time = around 1 year (Asset management consultor in Citibank, Public relations manager in Tencent, SAAS product design in PingAn tech company, APP Product design in Tencent.)]

· Affordable

Secondly, I will separate the service to free information sharing and paid knowledge. The reason is that pricing would leave customers a sense of worth. Also, I believe that people paid for something, they cherish something. However, since my targeted customers are all students so they may have not much money. The price is set within a very affordable and reasonable range. For example, I write essays regarding career and post recruiting information on my social platform media, which are free information sharing. While the things such as mock interview, resume amending would be in charge.

· Efficiency

A brand slogan is designed: “Timely and Rightly know everything of your career path!” which conveys a sense of efficiency. Beyond that, the mock interview will be set within 40mins, and the amended resume will be given to customers within 3 days.

· Close

The target customers would be students who looking for jobs or internships. I’m also a student. The same social status will make customers feel a sense of friendliness. We are in the same situation, and I will help those who have a career goal.) Besides, the warm and colorful brand color would be choose to show this “Close” feeling.

4. How the brand will be promoted

a. Design a poster

Firstly a poster would be designed and posted, which contains a brand name (my short English name TiTi), basic information such as my interview and internship experience, and what I can provide for them (the free charge part and paid parts), how it works (order, time length, price, contact).

b. New Media Operation

I would choose Weibo as my main social platform to connect with customers and spread this brand. Here I timely share information such as my personal thought in related to finding jobs, interviews. Those information will be short and subjective. Also, the information on recruiting will be shared. Besides that, I write some analysis essays such as “What the most important skills for product design?” “Important things to attention before the interview” etc. The social platform is also a place that I can contact any customers who have questions or want to take an order, timely giving response to them. To let more and more people know this brand, a spreading strategy will be settled. A campaign such as sharing my account or post to WeChat moments can get a free chance of resume amending.

5. POPs and PODs of this brand

In terms of POP, the essential components of job-consulting would be professional consultor, reliable quality of service and price. My brand’s competitive advantages would be relatively low price and the close feelings convey to the customers. The customers would know that they are talking to an experienced peer. Compared to those business intuitions whose consultors are relatively had several working years, may not that sensitive to the job market and the needs of young people now.