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Project proposal (New)

My project involved creating a blend of both 2D and 3D animated film in one short story.

The animated film will show the daily routine life of a young boy whose daily life is consumed by the modern-day technologies such as mobile phones and computers making him almost a robotic life like. The boy unresponsive to his surroundings has gave him the appearance of jelly like physical appearance.

2D Drawing animation

One day the boy’s parent has disconnected the house network connection deliberately, therefore the boy had not choices but to look for an alternative internet access in the area, As he was paces up and down on the street to find a WiFi access in the area he came across a book shop that has a notice on the door. The notice says ‘’To use our wifi access you must borrow a book’’.

The boy has entered the shop and stood Infront of the counter as he doesn’t know what to do next. The librarian has somehow known what the boy wants so he offered him an old book.

The book title was “The young Samaritan who has changed the kingdom’’

The book has a well-designed colorful illustration cover. The edge of the book cover was also decorated with very attractively gothic style florals. In the center of illustration an image of medieval king surrounded by people near his throne. It appears that the king and the people around him are intensely discussing something. There is also seated young boy among the crowed who appears to be a writer.

The boy has borrowed the book and took it home. Since their was no internet at home he has begun glancing through the book. In the midsection of the book he found a tiny bearded bracelet, he was surprised by his findings. He even more surprised when he noticed the bracelet he found matches bracelet the young boy in the illustration has on his arm.

The young boy was amazed by the discovery, he wears the bracelet on his arm and read few pages until he fall asleep.


3D Animation

Boy Dreaming 


His dreams were vivid that he found himself in the exact location of the palace that showed in the illustration. He felt that as if he is one of the people who surrounded the King. He was seating in the exact location where the writer boy in the illustration seated. It appeared to be the people and the moment are frozen in time. Nothing in the palace was moving except himself. While he as still in the dream he stood up from where he was seated and moved around closer to the king and the other actors who are still frozen in the action.

He also noticed that on this dream everything around the palace has different feel to it, it wasn’t like 2D world he lives, everything was 3D.


The process


  • The anticipated length of the film will approximately 2.5 minutes.
  • Film take place in a multiple. First half of the story will be a 2D animation. The final half inside the palace will be 3D.
  • There will be 8 characters all up. No dialogue but three actors physical acting will be included to communicate the story.
  • The scene will be as detailed as possible, including the environments.
  • The film doesn’t require special effects such as water, fire, smoke, etc.., however will involve 2D and 3D animation including 3D cloth simulations.
  • The final output resolution of the film will be HD format.
  • The following tasks and steps are required to complete the project.


1, 2D drawing of characters and the environment

  1. 3D modeling of some characters, texturing and cloth simulations


  • Purpose of this project;


  1. Demonstrate 2D drawing animation, 3D Character and an Environmental modelling skill,
  2. Demonstrate Animation skill.