Your answer must be supported by different resources.

 At least 4 references sources.

 Any proof of copying will result to 0 mark.

 Ensure that you follow the APA style in your project. 

 Your project report length should be between 1000 to 1100 words. 

the questions in the document

As a group of managers consider yourself as Global Manager for one of the following Saudi companies: Jarir Bookstore, Baja, Al-Baik, Herfy or Coffee Day. At present the company you’ll choose is planning to do business in the USA and UK. You are required to develop a detail strategy on the following:

· What tools are they using for communications and task management?

· How you will manage the teams in both locations in terms of language, cultural, time, political, and economical differences?

· What are techniques that you will be using in order to create a strong team with a high level of teamwork?

· What are the advantages and disadvantages of managing a virtual team?