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Business Model

ECOM 421 Project Assignment Sep 2017


Strategy is perquisite to success. This project emphasizes upon the application of strategy

in business. It answers the important question: why it is important to individuals and

organisations in achieving their goals. In this case the strategy will be in reference to

businesses using e-business systems. We understand the e-Business Strategy plan as a

detailed plan that is a unifying theme that gives coherence and direction to the actions

and decisions of an organization operating in e-Business domain.

Strategy is both a science and art. To prepare an e-Business Strategic plan, it is imperative

to understand the environment in which company operates. It needs to consider all

categories/types of environment both internal as well as external as an basic input to

creating right strategy and business model.

There are now a variety of tools and knowledge available that guides us how to create the

e-Business plan. This course equips the students in the different theories, models and

framework that help a student and practitioner of management to create the strategy plan

for any e-Business organization.

This project expects demonstration of such skills by the student on applicability of different

tools, techniques and models to arrive at a systematic e-Business strategy plan.

Read the below instructions that you will guide you to do this exercise.

1. Pick Your Company:

Pick a company to research. Make sure that it is large enough to have enough

data to make it easy to research. It is desired that this company should have a


reasonable use of Internet/e-commerce technologies in its operations. Submit

the name of the company you choose to your professor for approval.

2. Research your selected company to determine the past, present, and likely

future of the industry and the company’s track record with that industry.

Use the different models like SWOT, PEST, Porters model to understand

the market environment.

3. Create the appropriate strategy framework keeping in view its Value

Network. Detail out the specific activities that would be undertaken in

context of its digital business framework.

4. Create the implementation plan. Identify the activities to be undertaken. List

the possible risks and possible measures to address them.

5. Executive Summary:

Write the executive summary for your e-Business strategy plan. An executive

summary provides a synopsis of the entire plan that highlights the most

important points of the proposed Strategy Plan. It gives others (i.e., employees,

financers, etc.) a concise picture of what you are going to do and how you are

going achieve it. The executive summary of this e-Business plan will be the first

section of the plan, but is the last section written.

6. Present Your e-Business Strategy Plan:

Create a presentation to the senior business leaders that will provide a

summary of the most important points of your e-Business Strategy plan. Your

presentation is to:

o Presentation duration of 5 to 10 minutes.

o Include a PowerPoint presentation of 6- 8 slides

o Include a one-page handout for the senior business leaders. Email this

to your instructor and your classmates.

o Your instructor will give you directions about when and how you will


o Be prepared to critique the strategy plans presented by your




Format the project according to the Business Report Guidelines. Include a reference

page. (Note: According to APA, if you have an entry on the reference page there must

be at least one in-text citation that corresponds to the entry in the body of the document.) Project Submission:

Submission week Due Date Point Covered Marks

First Submission Week 7 Upto 2 3



Week 12 Submit Project 7



Week 13 Presentation 5

Submission will be through the Blackboard.

Business Report Guidelines

Standard Format for Business Reports

Students are expected to adhere to the following when completing a business report.

1. 12-point serif font (Times New Roman or Courier).

2. Double-spaced (unless the assignment specifically states single-spaced).

3. 1-inch margins at the top, bottom, left, and right of every page.

4. Cover page.

5. Page numbers are in the header in the top right corner. A running head is not


6. Paragraphs are to be indented five to seven spaces.

7. Complete sentences, correct grammar, correct spelling, and accurate punctuation are


8. Absence of typographical errors.

9. Citations within the body of the text follow APA format. Note: Even though you may

not use citations in a report at work, you are currently in an academic environment.

Demonstrate that you have analyzed and evaluated information you have gained in

the course and then applied it appropriately in your report.

10. Reference list (if necessary) starts on a new page and follows proper APA 6th edition


11. Images, graphs, charts, or other types of visuals are considered to be figures in APA

format and must adhere to proper APA 6th edition formatting.


12. Writing style is to be concise, factual, and in the imperative mood. Write to your

audience (see details in the assignment). Use strong words that will persuade and/or

motivate your audience.

13. Typical elements (see your assignment for specific details):

a. Introduction or executive summary.

b. State the issue being addressed.

c. Explain the exact steps taken and methods used (procedure) to address the issue for

this report.

d. Identify the findings during the course of your procedure. Include specific data.

e. Conclusions based on the analysis and evaluation of your findings.

f. Recommendations state actions that you feel needs to be taken based on your

findings and conclusions.