Disscussion Replies In Own Words Plz Not Outide Sources

1: I have a major rule for myself that helps me avoid showing negativity at work. My rule is, leave it all at the door. No matter what is going on in my personal life, I always leave it at the door. I do not share my problems with my coworkers. My job is my means of supporting myself, therefore, it is extremely important to me. When I am at work, I do not let my personal life get to me. An easy way that I do this is by leaving my phone in my locker. If you do not have the distractions from your outside world, you will be able to concentrate on your work.

2:  If you have a boss or manager that is motivated and wants to make the company or business successful, employees can feel that.  The leader becomes how others work or what they can provide.  I would never show my negativity to a team or business partners.  It doesn’t matter what type of day you are having, or what is going on in your personal life, you should always be professional and never let your feelings get in the way of motivating others to be their best and always setting a positive work enviornment and attitude to others. 

3: Thank you for sharing. I think it’s good that you know when you are ready and you are not allowing others to shuffle you into something that you are not mentally prepared for. I think when an individual is in the wrong profession or career, it makes them unhappy and unsatisfied with where they are. Sadly, some people feel ‘stuck’ in that position and will go years until they can do something to change it because they do not want to start all over. Though your manager caught you out of character, there could still be some good in that situation. Now that your manager knows that he needs to allow your more space and time, you won’t feel pressured to make hasty decisions. 

4: I liked what Kinicky stated in the video “if you can’t manage yourself, then you can’t manage anything out there” and that statement is so true. Learning to master one’s own mental capacity or emotional state of mind is the first step in understanding how to manage others. How can someone who is emotionally unhealthy lead others? It is not enough to just know the job but knowing how to work well with others and help draw out the best in them is just as important. Especially in leadership positions