Discussion Post

 “In an entrepreneurial society individuals face a tremendous challenge, a challenge they need to exploit as an opportunity: the
need  for continuous learning and relearning… individuals will have to  learn new things well after they have become adults – and maybe more  than once.  The correct assumption is that what individuals have learned  by age twenty-one will become obsolete five to ten years later and will  have to be replaced – or at least refurbished – by new learning, new  skills, new knowledge.” – Peter F. Drucker

Take a moment to reflect on the above quote and answer the following questions:

(1) Consider  the implications of the above quote and explain how you believe  Drucker’s point may or may not affect you and your proposed business  idea?

(2)    What are you currently doing in your life to improve your skills, knowledge, and abilities? 

(3)     Are you making the most of every opportunity to learn and develop new  skills?  What do you believe you could do better to   gain more from  such opportunities?

Discussion  Posts:  There is no length requirement to each post answer.  The only  requirement is that each post must fully answer/address the question or  provide the information that is being requested.  Each post must be  written using complete sentences and proper grammar.  All answers must  be supported; no partial credit will be given for questions that are not  completely answered.  Points will be deducted for grammatical errors  and incomplete sentences.