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For Chapter 13 “Government, political power, and social movements”,  Read textbook chapter 13, and read my lecture notes in Module 1. Then choose ONE of the following questions to respond, the length of your post should be within 150-200 words. 

  1. Who voted for Hilary Clinton? Who voted for Donald Trump: see textbook pg. 403. In your observation: who voted for two candidates of election in 2016? Can you see there is a pattern of social identities for example: age, race, social class status……see textbook pg. 405 point out as a reference, take notes for this question.
  2.  Structural strain: textbook pg. 415; In your observation, which social movement is an example for theory of “why social movements occur”? Take notes to this question. List how each condition in “structural strain” theory is fulfilled in the example you find
  3. Read textbook pg. 423-427. What are the reasons that voter turnout is so low? How could it be improved? Think: is it just “Go out to vote” a good solution? What kind of things needs to happen before go out to vote? Take notes for this question for discussion
  4. “Is democracy in trouble”? (in textbook pg. 425), you may combine content of Eric Li’s TED TALK “Tales of two political systems” (you don’t have to agree with what Eric Li said, when you make a point provide your evidence and statistics with source of information), you may combine the previous section “Did the internet shape the outcome of the 2016 presidential election” in pg. 425 , think:

Is democracy in trouble? what did you get from these sections of material for your learning? Support your view by using evidence: either from your observation of the life world, political theories from other classes e.g. political science class, etc.

  1. Is democracy always good for a country? Does a good democracy need to fulfill some conditions first? What are conditions to guarantee good democracy will take place, or in other words, what are conditions to guarantee “bad democracy” will happen? Provide the evidence to back up your point, source of information: personal observation, or academic sources (links or title of the article, journal name publish time etc.)

Grading criteria: Clarity in description, detail enough, sharp observation ability, depth in your analysis are all things I look for in your post.

95-100: Fulfill the best post standard;

85-94: Almost fulfill the expectation;

60-84: basically not fulfill the expectation on the grading criteria in some aspects of all aspects.