In order to have a successful IG program, one of the eight (8) Information Risk Planning and Management steps is to develop metrics and measure results. From your required readings, discuss the value that metrics brings to the organization, and identify critical measures of success that should be tracked.

And also write 2 75+ words comments on above topic. 

Required readings: 

Arinze, U., &  Ezema, M. (2016). Information privacy: Issues, concerns, and strategies. Industry-Standard Information Security, Section 6, 23 – 24 Section 6.0

Calderaro, A., & Craig, A. J. S. (2020). Transnational governance of Cybersecurity: Policy challenges and global inequalities in cyber capacity building. Third World Quarterly, 41(6), 917–938.

Setyadi, R. (2019). Assessing trust variable impact on the information technology governance using business-IT alignment models: A model development study. 2019 International Conference on Sustainable Engineering and Creative Computing (ICSECC), 218–222.