Discussion 9

Up to 250-300 words

(1) Sharing is Caring: Most would agree that helping others is generally a good thing. What causes disagreement, however, is determining why we help others or the motivates us to help others. For this prompt, please select one explanation for prosocial behavior from the reading and answer the following: (1) provide a description of your chosen explanation, (2) why did you choose this explanation, and (3) provide an example of prosocial behavior that is explained by your choice.

(2) Somebody else will take care of that: Being in a group during an emergency seems like it would be a good thing. On the surface the math makes sense, more people equals a greater chance someone in that group can help. Oddly enough it often doesn’t work out this way. Please answer the following: (1) What is the name of this effect when onlookers do nothing, (2) what makes it more likely to occur, and (3) what is one thing that may encourage people to take action?