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Brand Personas

#1 Senior:

“I know I can’t live on my own anymore, but I don’t want anyone telling me what I can or can’t do.”

Betty is an 83-year-old grandmother who has lived alone since her husband died three years ago. After two major falls in the last year, and some difficult conversations with her daughter about the future, she has made the tough, emotional decision that she can no longer live by herself in her current home, and needs to start seriously looking into alternative options.

Her daughter has done some online research and given her a list of senior living communities in their area that they are both going to look at.

This is the hardest decision Betty’s ever had to make, and it is filled with a lot of emotion. She’s leaving behind a home where decades of memories were made. She is afraid that she’ll be giving up her independence and having to live her life on someone else’s terms. She feels tension with her daughter, who Betty thinks is driving the process a little too fast. And she’s concerned about the cost of a senior living community – what if she can’t get that type of money in the sale of her home? Worst of all, she’s worried she will end up somewhere that doesn’t ever really feel like home to her.


· Doesn’t want to “admit defeat” of not being able to live on her own

· Doesn’t want others to make choices for her

· Doesn’t know how to truly evaluate the different senior living option

· Needs to sell her house prior to moving

Top Selection Criteria

1. Location

2. Staff/Resident Interactions

3. Environment/Accommodations/Amenities

4. Activities/Lifestyle

5. Value for Money

Wants/Needs in Decision Making Process:

· The ability to talk to someone on the phone, and review printed materials

· A focus on the choices she will be able to make/control – choice of accommodations, activities, dining, etc.

· Attentive and engaging staff who interact directly with her (not just her daughter)

· An environment that feels comfortable and inviting

· Residents she feels she can connect with

Associated Emotions

· Fear of losing independence

· Lack of control

· Sadness/Loss

· Frustration

· Excitement