Community relations are a large part of business outreach and growing a brand. If you’ve been to a community event such as a neighborhood festival, charity event, or 5K race, you’ve seen sponsorship banners and ads. Likewise, you might have seen ads from local businesses in the program at a school concert or other children’s event. Find a business outreach event in YOUR LOCAL community. What business(es) is sponsoring the event? What is the purpose of the event? How do you think this event brings your community together? Please provide a reference.

Watch the video “How to align the organizational structure with the work processes,” found at http://www.organizationdesign.net/how-to-align-the-organizational-structure-with-the-work-processes-video-3-of-5.html. Now, imagine you were running an organization. Briefly describe the type of structure your organization would have (either functional or divisional) and how your organization would be effective in accomplishing their organization’s goals. What do you think would be some advantages and disadvantages of your chosen structure, and how would you address those disadvantages?

Think of a leader or presenter whose communication has made an impact on you. (Maybe it’s a politician, a teacher, a coach, or a boss.) What communication techniques does this person use?