Discussion 1 Response

Response 1

Discussion 1, Week 11: What Diversity Means to You

Studied was the impact of diversity on childhood/adolescent development and learning. A topic complexed in nature, diversity began with the awareness of our own biases and perspectives (formulated through personal experience) but has hopefully ended with clarity and a better understanding vision of self and others. Considered for this discussion was my current perspectives regarding the impact of various characteristics of diversity on child and adolescent development. An explanation of such changes in perspectives regarding the effect of diversity in child and adolescent development follows.

Change in Perspective 

Reflective of my initial post, this course has served to broaden my perspectives on diversity as my own personal family experiences positively modelled and formulated my thoughts. Diversity plays an integral role in my profession, impacting upon my interactions with children and adolescents daily. The course itself has provided me with additional support in the reinforcing of my commitment to educate all children with the understanding and consideration necessary for addressing their educational needs. Derman-Sparks and Olsen Edwards (2010) assisted in providing practical guidance in their addressing of the elimination of barriers regarding prejudices, misinformation, and biases. The authors’ suggestions for educational staff members will assist in the creation of a respectful learning and living environment demonstrating of understanding and the celebration of the positive aspects of humanity.


Derman-Sparks, L., & Olsen Edwards, J. (2010). Anti-bias education for young children and 

        ourselves. Washington, DC: National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Response 2

I believe that this course has changed my perspective on how diversity effects child and adolescent development learning. I have learned so much, I feel like I have a better understanding of just how much diversity can truly affect one’s development and academic success. Socioeconomic has opened my eyes on how it has a significant effect not only one’s life but a child’s as well. The major difference there is between low and high socioeconomic status especially when it comes to academics. Their development can be affected by where they live, school, community, and parents.

Because of this course, it has made me open my eyes to my own biases. It has changed my thought on a lot of things and has made my perspectives on diversity completely change. Especially when working with children and that everyone is different in so many ways. By understanding them can help me to accommodate their own personal needs.