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  • Discuss how the process of SEO can impact the distribution and strategic positioning of online content and entertainment products
  • Utilize concepts behind proper keyword selection


Start by reviewing Chapter 9 (Search Engine Optimization) of your text, eMarketing: the Essential Guide to Marketing in a Digital World by Rob Stokes.  The goal of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of the importance of SEO and effective keyword strategies.  


For this discussion, you will submit an initial post and respond to a classmate’s post.

Initial Post (80%) – DUE WEDNESDAY

1. Using the research and content management skills discussed in week 1, find a news article that highlights a current event within the field of digital marketing or the entertainment industry and post a link to the article on the discussion board. Explain the significance of the article in a few paragraphs.

2. List three long tail phrases that one could use to search for this article when utilizing a search engine. Why did you choose these long tail phrases?

3. Explain what the publisher of this article can do to make the article more search friendly. Or, what has this publisher done to make this article search friendly? What SEO techniques did the author apply to the article?

Response Post (20%) – DUE SUNDAY

1. Using the keyword research tools provided during week 1 (similarweb.com, spyfu.com, semrush.com, espionage.com (free account required), etc.), respond to a classmate’s post with three additional suggestions for long tail phrases that could be used to search for the article online.

2. Using one of the above-mentioned research sites, conduct research for the news site (domain where article originated) used by a classmate. Look at and describe the site’s traffic volumes, paid search & organic search (SEO) efforts, online advertising, traffic sources, etc. What tool did you use? What other benefits do you see this tool providing you in the future?

Welcome to Week 1 of Digital Marketing! 

 This week we will be discussing Search Engine Optimization and Keywords.  This is a really important topic because search engines are an excellent place to be discovered, without direct cost, by an audience that doesn’t know you already exist. We want our sites to appear on page 1 of search results, and specifically within the top 3 results, but it takes time.  SEO boils down to the keywords we use in key places of our webpages.

 You will also be developing part one of your Digital Marketing Strategy.  Assignment 1 will give you the opportunity to explore marketing research to lay a strong foundation for your company’s digital marketing plan.  You will conduct a competitive analysis and identify your business concept, target market, digital properties, and keyword strategy. 

Week 1 Reading Assignment:

eMarketing: The essential guide to marketing in a digital world. 5th Edition.

  • By: Rob Stokes
  • Chapters 1-4 and 9