Discuss Board 3-4 Paragraph

 Week 1 Topics: 

 Project Valuation Methods  

Feasibility Studies  

Risk Analysis 

 Cost-Benefit Analysis  

Academic Integrity  

Week 1 

Learning Outcomes: 

 Demonstrate the Value and Utilization of Success Criteria beyond the Triple Constraint

 Analyze the viability of projects using techniques for feasibility, risk analysis and cost-benefit analysis 

Defend the concept “Project Management in Action is Different in 2017” (as compared to PM 20 years ago)  

Instructor Led- Week 1 Discussion: (First…review the Week 1 Lecture!)

 Project Management has been known as the “accidental profession.” With the PMBOK 6 we are seeing significant changes in the profession and the expectations for a Project Manager. How would you defend the statement “Project Management in Action is Different in 2017…and in particular what has been the impact to Scope Management?”