Read Case #19- Delta Airlines and the Trainer Refinery and answer the following questions (each question its own subsection):

1.    What drives the basic economies of the airline industry? The refining industry?

2.    How is Delta different from other airlines?

3.    How would owing the Trainer Refinery help Delta manage its fuel costs in the future? Is this offset by operation cost?

4.   What impact does buying an oil refinery have on Delta as a company? Is this a good strategic move? Why/why not?

5.   How does the merger between Delta and Virgin Airlines impact the company as a whole? (outside research required).

6.   How does the topics in Chapter 7, Chapter 8 & Chapter 9 link to this case study?

7.  submit your responses to the Weekly Assignment Folder.

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Make sure you provide substantive graduate level answers. Make sure you use adequate, credible and reliable APA source citations to support your work. **Minimum 3 full pages**